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College Applications -

All applications to four-year schools should be completed by December 1st.


Scholarships -

Allyrae Wallace Foundation and Martha Simpson Foundations Scholarship applications will be available after January 1st.


Be sure to check out the latest news - ACT Information


Deadlines -

Test Date - October 22           Registration deadline - September 16

                April 8                  Registration deadliine - March 3

Register @      Please be sure to include our school code 010-572 so the scores will be sent to WA.   


Statewide ACT test date - Tuesday, February 28th - Juniors only - register in homeroom -    

Remember - Seniors must pass all core courses and have at least 24 credits to graduate. All students playing fall/spring sports must have passed three new units first/second semester to remain eligible.

Make up credits...If you need to make up credits from first semester, don't wait until summer. You may begin work now by logging on to and signing up for an online course. If you have questions, contact Rebecca Malone or email the facilitator John Westbrook